Go Green - Spinach + Parsley + Celery + Cucumber + Ginger + Lime + Mint.

Go Green

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Remember when your grandmother had a cure for every illness, Yes? 
The Go Green comes close. A perfect blend of the right Greens and a 
slice of Apple with shreds of Ginger every morning and you should be 
up and ready to take on the day.
Spinach + Parsley + Celery + Apple + Cucumber + Ginger + Lime + Mint.
Rich in Vitamins: Powered with Vitamin A, K & C also contains your required dose of 
Protein, Iron, Folic acid.
Health Benefits: Glowing skin and reduced Hair fall are only a few of the awesome 
benefits of this Juice. Imagine if this juice was consumed regularly..
Help prevent Diabetes 
Maintains bone health.
Improve blood count and energy levels.
Yes! Even aids weight loss. 
A great source of protein and Iron.
This juice will definitely win your heart... literally, its fuel for the Heart!