Advanced Cleanse
Advanced Cleanse
Advanced Cleanse
Juicifix Bridal Cleanse - Sparkle.
Advanced Cleanse

Advanced Cleanse

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Info: Juicifix has put together specific ingredients to create the 
perfect advanced detox. Sparkle - is the third variant of The Juicifix Advanced Detox. For those who love a yummy vegan nut milk during their Detox. 
Size: 275ml Per Bottle.
Delivery Time: 7 AM - 9 AM / No Sunday Delivery.
You could add the 'Juicifix NutFix' to the Radiance variant of the
advanced detox and receive all the benefits of this perfect Juicifix cleanse. (6 juices + 2 shots + 1 nut milk)
Contents: 1 Spiced Almond Milk + 5 Yummy Juicifix blends + 2 Shots.
Nutrition: High on Vitamin D, E, C, A, B Complex (12), Iron, Potassium, Omega 3 Fatty Acid's, Manganese, Copper, Riboflavin.
Contains: Wheat-grass, Amla, Chlorophyll, Dates, Cinnamon, Chia seeds, Almonds.
Benefits: For healthy clean skin, Skin glow, Fight acne, Anti aging properties, Almond milk is rich in proteins and vitamins that help hydrate and soften the skin.
Boosts Immunity.
Great for the weight watchers, helps with weight loss, Lowers risk of weight gain.
Complete Alkaline detox.
Promotes healthier hair, Reduces hair fall, Increases vitality, Strengthens eyes, muscle tone.
Enhances fertility.
Increases heart health, Flushes out toxins, Flushes out drug deposits in the body.
Helps with Energy production.
Prevents damage on skin caused by sun, helps with complexion.
Help reduce Bloating.