Learn: Cleanse


A complete reboot. Cleansing helps the body to flush out various toxins that may have accumulated over time.

Late working hours? Office parties? Travelling too much? Detoxify yourself with a Juicifix cleanse.

Getting married and want that glow? Or attended too many weddings and binged on too much oily food?

Celebrate Holi, Diwali or Christmas guilt free. A cleanse after a festival is a great way to detox.

Repeat your cleanse every month, its great for your system, leaving you feeling energetic and lighter.

A Juicifix cleanse has many benefits:

Energizes you

A cleanse will help you unclog your liver, purify your blood and flush out your whole body. As toxins release, metabolism increases and you will begin to fall in love with your new energetic self.

Makes you healthy

A cleanse is a great way to begin a healthy lifestyle. A complete cleanse will give your digestive system a rest from breaking down complex chemicals and help rejuvenate and reboot your body.

Glowing skin

Juicifix packs a solid punch. All flavors are carefully crafted to boost skin health and bring sexy, flawless skin back!


Gets you fit

A Juicifix detox combined with adequate and light exercise such as a brisk walk, a light jog or even jumping on a mini trampoline will revitalize your body, keeping you toned and fit.

Makes you feel lighter

One of the many benefits of a good cleanse is that ‘light’ feeling. It gives you the energy you have been missing out on along with a clearer mind, body and soul.

Please refrigerate Juicifix bottles at all times, preferably not on the door of the fridge.

Here's the cleanse timeline:

9 a.m.

Bottle 1 and a banana/apple

11 a.m.

Bottle 2 and raw sprouts

1 p.m.

Bottle 3 and a salad

3 p.m.

Bottle 4 and another apple

5 p.m.

Bottle 5

7 p.m.

Bottle 6

9 p.m.

Raw veggies or a wholesome salad
  • You can have coconut water if you like.
  • You can eat as many fruits and veggies as you want.
  • You can eat nuts like almonds and walnuts in small proportions.
  • Avoid potatoes and yams.
  • No carbs, no roti, no rice, no meats, no alcohol, no smoking, no tea or coffee.
  • Half-hour walk is recommended.
  • Avoid chickoos, custard apple and mangoes.
  • Don't eat anything after 9pm.

Post-cleanse foods

Soups, salads, khichdi. Use less oil and less salt. Eat light, drink a lot of water and sip warm green tea.