About us


We aim to be in every home, we are constantly striving to learn from our clients and improve the way health is perceived. We hope to rid the world of any lifestyle disease by being a health and wellness provider everybody can look upto.


Fresh and affordable cold-pressed juices delivered daily to those who desire a healthy lifestyle.

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We are both from very different backgrounds. But what is beautiful is that we have the same passion - taking care of our health. Juicifix is a young start-up by Tejomay Rastogi and Avrio Rebello.


Avrio Rebello

Fun loving and health craving. I decided to shun my bad habits and replace them with better ones. In our fast paced world, managing health with the madness that is work seemed almost impossible. So we decided to bring to you, in the most fun way health in a bottle.

We make healthy tasty juices, no preservatives, no additives, and what makes our juices even more special is that they are cold pressed juices, sold in Mumbai.

We just wanted a healthy lifestyle and in the bargain we ended up with a product that people seem to love.


Tejomay Rastogi

Having worked for magazines and advertising agencies for 11 years I realized that health is the most important thing.

Late working hours and no time to eat meals did make me think of wholesome and quick food options that could be consumed without a worry of getting it easily.

My passion for cooking salads, keeping fit and eating right made me think of this. The word 'fresh' has lost its real meaning. Today life without preservatives or additives is almost impossible and that's what I want to make possible, making a great fresh product easy to get and consume. I'm trying to make a difference in my own little way and I hope it helps.