Juicifix Vital Subscription

Need juice for glowing skin? 

Looking for juices to help with weight loss / diabetes / fight cancer? 

Get a 7 day Juicifix subscription and feel the difference.

Juicifix makes fresh juices and delivers to your doorstep in Mumbai, every morning.

Complete nutrition, customised packages, increased variety, exotic ingredients to suit any of your needs.
Delivery Time: Between 7 - 9 AM. ( No Sunday Delivery )
Flavour: Fruit or vegetable or the choice to alternate between Fruit & Veg. 
Allergies:  Juicifix records diet plans, allergies & ailments and customises packages accordingly.
Benefits: Fresh juices.
No preservatives/Additives, No added sugars.
100% Natural.
FSSAI approved.
Complete nutrition.
Prevents lifestyle disease.