Juicifix Trial Pack

Include a yummy Juicifix in your regular day, make it a part   
of your lifestyle and watch yourself 'junk' your bad habits!
(see what we did there).  
A Juicifix a day will surely ensure your body gets a regular 
dose of a variety of nutrition. Every day a new flavour so you 
never get bored. Whatever the motive, we ensure you will 
get your Fix!
Size: 275ml of pure delicious juice.
Delivery Time: Between 7 - 9 AM. ( No Sunday Delivery )
Flavour: Fruit / Vegetable or Alternate between Fruit & Veg. 
Allergies:  Juicifix records diet plans, allergies & ailments and 
customises packages accordingly - let us take care of you.
Benefits: Fresh Juices, 100% Natural.
No Preservatives, No Additives, No Added Sugars - No Lies!
FSSAI Approved.
Complete nutrition, Prevents Lifestyle Disease.
Hassle free, No Messy Kitchens, No Strenuous Work.

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