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Super Juices
Super Juices
Super Juices
Super Juices

Super Juices

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Description:  Orange based flavours, completely natural and 
made fresh as per order. 
Delivery Time: Delivered between 7 & 9 AM within Mumbai.
Pomegranade: Pomegranade + Orange + Apple + Mint.
Guava Punch: Guava + Orange + Mint + Ginger. 
Immunifix: Orange + Apple + Spinach + Lemon.
A fresh blend of wild Carrots and Oranges, with a hint of spicy Ginger.
Rich in Vitamins:
Loaded with Vitamin A & C
Health Benefits: Prevents you from eye disease - that means No more sore eyes, thank heavens!
Prevents flu - No more Haa..chu! (Sorry, couldn't resist..)
Builds immunity - That's right, just like our military.
Rich in phytochemicals, this helps prevent nasty cancerous cells from taking form in our beautiful bodies.