Why must I drink juice daily? - Part 2.

Juicing makes drinking raw veggies possible because this process involves extracting juice and leaving off the pulp which takes digestion off the equation and introduces nutrients directly to the blood stream.

Fiber IS important because it also contains nutrients and helps digestion. But let’s be practical. How many of us realistically can eat 1 kg of raw vegetables each day?

Since you’re drinking rather than eating, you’re able to take in more vegetables thus absorbing more nutrients without stuffing yourself too much with a lot of fiber. In short juicing allows you to consume more vegetables efficiently. Remember that majority of the ingredients in a recipe should be vegetables and minimize high fructose fruit like apples and strawberries. A good ratio to follow would be 80% vegetables and 20% fruit.

Our body only needs 15 to 25 grams of sugar so you can get that from other food sources.

For people starting out, it can be tough because drinking vegetable juice isn’t palatable. Experts say to counter strong flavor of dark greens, mix in a fruit like a lemon that has low fructose content to mask the bitterness. But if it’s too bitter then add an apple. Of all the varieties of apple, green apple has the lowest sugar content which makes it a good option. It takes a few weeks to get assimilate to the flavor of green juice and once you have, try to lessen the amount of fruit to the bare minimum.

How many different types of vegetables do you cook in a week?
In our home we cook around one or two types of vegetables per meal so it adds up to around 7 to 10. BUT we don’t cook for every meal because more often than not there are leftovers. And we usually eat out on weekends.
So no matter how we try, we limit ourselves in terms of variety.
Juicing helps us here because we can add a lot more variety in every juice we make.
You have lots of options in terms of recipes and limited only by produce available in the grocery store. If you juice before every meal, you can use 5 to 6 different vegetables per day that may include dark leafy greens or cruciferous vegetables. This allows you to add more variety and with that more nutrients.
Juicing is cure, it can take care of many lifestyle related issues, give you good skin and treat constipation. Juicing can prevent cancer and vegetable juices can add great nutrition to diabetic patients.

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