Why Juicifix?

We at Juicifix believe that health always comes first and we are very happy to bring to you a healthy home made and cold pressed juice.

Juicifix, is pure, fresh, unadulterated health in a bottle; with no preservatives nor additives. Our jucies are thick fibrous and can almost compensate for a small meal.
We are good tasting because of our combination recipes and not to forget the herb or spice that we add in to give that little twist to our juice.

At Juicifix our cold pressed juices are fibrous and pulpier and made with a lot of love to give your body the right nutrition. Our Detox - Go Green and Red Basil are palletetable and come with a lot of benefits. They are both low sugar cold pressed juices that will help you loose weight, they are rich in iron and full of antioxidants. We also make a single combination flavour of cold pressed juices everyday, which again is decided as per the season and the health benefits that the fruit has in that particular season.

We take care of your health, right from sourcing fruits and vegetables to sealing every bottle and delivering it at the right tempreture, to your doorstep.

We at Juicifix are making a constant effort to improve and help serve you better.

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