What It Means To Be Alkaline.

Your body’s optimal pH is 7.36, which is slightly alkaline. The alkaline diet is based on making food choices that help your body reach and maintain a balanced pH level so your body can function at its best.


The problem :

The problem is many of the foods we love are very acidic. Over time, too many acidic foods strain the body’s normal function, leaving you tired with a lowered immune function.



As a rule of thumb, choosing 70 percent alkaline foods (veggies and legumes) and 30 percent acidic foods (meat and carbs) is the way to go, but any little change makes a difference.

1.  Eat Green

Fresh fruit, vegetables, roots, nuts and legumes are alkalising to the body, so increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat. 


2. Reduce Acidic Foods

Reduce acidic foods
You don’t have to cut them out altogether but try and limit your intake of meats, eggs, refined sugars, white flour and dairy. 


3. Limit alcohol consumption



Most alcoholic beverages have a high sugar content and are highly acidic. If you enjoy the occasional beer or glass of wine, but be aware of what you are drinking.



4. Choose Natural Energy-boost Drinks


Forget sugar and caffeine laden energy drinks. Choose natural, alkalising energy drinks such as Juicifix vegetable juices, lemon water that can cleanse the digestive system, stimulate your metabolism and buffer excess acids. 



5. Break A Sweat

Exercise for at least 30 minutes three to five times a week. Among its many benefits, exercise helps counteract acidity in our bodies and sweat gives acid another pathway out of the body. Plus, it helps to oxygenate and alkalize your blood.



6. Seek Balance


Stress contributes to acid build-up so find ways to de-stress. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing and long walks are all great ways to de-stress and reduce acid levels.




In addition to helping you in losing weight, the alkaline diet is also able to give you more energy, lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, kidney problems and other chronic diseases, reduce joint pain and lactic-acid build up (leg cramps), give you clearer skin and improve your bone health.

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Take it slow

If you decide to go alkaline, start by making small changes to your diet. You’re most likely to succeed if you take on change gradually.

Every little change is one more step toward better long term health.

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