Up-Cycling is the new Re-Cycling.

What Is Up-Cyling?

Up-cycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful. For example: 

--Unravelling a wire clothes hanger to break into your car to rescue your keys = not up-cycling
--Stretching out a wire clothes hanger then tying strips of a plastic bag around it to make a wreath = up-cycling!

Up-cycling gives an item a better purpose. And while jimmying the lock on your car to is giving that hanger a new purpose, it’s not necessarily better or more beautiful. And the mangled hanger is likely destined for the trash, which is the opposite intent of up-cycling.



Recycling vs. Up-Cycling 

Recycling takes consumer materials — mostly plastic, paper, metal and glass — and breaks them down so their base materials can be remade into a new consumer product, often of lesser quality.

When you up-cycle an item, you aren’t breaking down the materials. You may be refashioning it — like cutting a t-shirt into strips of yarn — but it’s still made of the same materials as when you started. Also, the up-cycled item is typically better or the same quality as the original.


 Can I Up-Cycle?

Yes! You can up-cycle Just about anything: Juicifix bottles, Wine bottles, cans, newspapers, milk cartons, tires, suitcases, jeans, you name it. If you no longer have a use for it, up-cycle it!


Get Started Today

There are two ways to support the up-cycling movement. Sort through your closets or recycling bin and create items yourself or purchase ready-made items from up-cycled materials. Both make a positive impact on the environment. Both reward you with something beautiful or useful. Like a Juicifix perhaps *wink.


Send us a pic of your up-cycled article at and we will have sent a reward over. go on then Get Up-Cycling! 


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