Up-Cycle. Re-Fresh. Re-Use.


You want to have a unique and ecological decoration in your home? Reusing everyday objects is the order of the day because, besides being a very sustainable practice for the environment, it makes the inside of your house unique and tailored to your tastes. Rather than choosing to buy a vase for flowers, why not do it yourself by using a bottle of Juicifix that is already empty? In this blog we will tell you how to paint glass bottles so you can convert them into precious decorative objects for your home. Give it a go!



  • A good way of decorating a glass bottle is by painting it with a spray. The result is more homogeneous, you avoid the appearance of the dreaded drops of paint that can disfigure the result, and you get a smoother texture.
  • After you have finished spray painting let the bottle dry over night.

  • Make a stencil of Ganesha and trace it on the bottle with a glass marker.

  • Then fill the tracing with the colours you desire.

  • Make a flower vase or a beautiful light out of it. 

  • To follow this technique you just have to get an aerosol, shake it and maintain a safe distance when painting so as not to get it in your eyes. It is also recommended that you cover your nose and mouth with a mask and you cover the area where you are painting with newspaper or plastic.

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