Trapped in our own body.

Hey Guys,

I want to tell you about Mona's mother. She is 82 years old, lives in Mumbai, diabetic and obese. Mona's mother wants to kill herself...


Mona on the other hand is a beautiful 35 year old, fit enough to help her old mother across the road. However, there is one small twist here. It's not Mona's mother who needs help, it's Mona. Mona is a special child,she was born with down syndrome. Mona's mother is a senior citizen which means she is not strong enough to cope with everyday life in Mumbai, let alone take care of Mona. Our country, our city is NOT senior citizen friendly. But that is a different story and I  will cover it some other time.


I want to tell you why Mona's mother wishes to die. She at this age has diabetes, is over weight and her eyesight is beginning to fail her, the city currently unsafe for her type, her building has no lift and unfortunately she lives on the 3rd floor. Mona's mother is trapped in her own body, she ages but her love for her daughter and fear of what will happen to her daughter when she's gone is the only thing keeping her alive. But she is tired, she can't die and she can't live like this. Some people might say this was her fate, that she was destined for this. But is that really true? 

I realised then, like Mona's mother there are more senior citizens out there who refuse to live anymore but are forced to, stuck in their overweight, diabetic, aging bodies prone to critical diseases. Some cannot cross the road, some the stairs, some cannot enter the car. To add to all this, we as a people and a country are not so senior citizen friendly. Frustrated and tortured, these elders are forced to continue to live this way. 

I was overwhelmed with sadness but more with fear, is this how my old age will be? An open pit? I finally understood the meaning behind -The Elephant's Graveyard. The legend is true, we become the older elephants instinctively directing ourselves to our death.


This is my message, I have started Juicifix with this intention and I hope it spreads through the country. Healthy eating is a choice everyone of us can and has to make, so that we don't end up trapped in our own body. So that we live through our old age strong, healthy and independent. The choice is yours, and your health is literally in your hands.


The happy Juicifix client in the pic is Alba. Alba says its never too late to change. Make the change, eat right.

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