The Juicifix Cleanse/Detox

What is a Juicifix Cleanse and why is it required?


Everyday, our body, just like any machine goes through a lot of wear and tear, toxic chemicals, unhealthy foods and noxious smoke. Our system needs a break, a chance to detoxify and our skin a chance to breathe again. The Juicifix Cleanse is a pack of 8 (250ml) Cold-pressed juices (1 day, 2 day or 3 day Cleanse) and is designed to make sure your body completely detoxifies and helps clean the system of any impurities. 


The Juicifix Cleanse is a pack of 8 yummy fruit and vegetable Cold-pressed juices. Each bottle is numbered from 1-8, and must be consumed in that order, each juice must be had within a span of 2 hours from the last juice. At Juicifix we make a healthy blend of the right nutrients and vitamins that the body requires to re-vitalise, making the body lighter and healthier. Cleansing the system of any unwanted toxic elements, helps purify the blood, makes you feel lighter and more energetic. We recommend a cleanse every once in a while, always accompanied with lots of water, fresh fruits and raw vegetables, salads, green tea, also selected nuts & dry fruits are advisable in limited quantities after consulting a dietician.


The purpose of a cleanse is to clean ones system and take in as many anti-oxidants as possible to help detoxify. A cleanse may not be the best alternative to weight loss, also while on a cleanse kindly make sure you reduce your regular routine exercise. it is advisable that pregnant women/ diabetics / heart patients consult a dietician or doctor before a cleanse.


We at Juicifix maintain high health standards, our juices are fibrous and pulpier than most juices in the market. This keeps the body full during a cleanse and helps in a healthy digestion. 


Cold pressed juices in Mumbai. Now delivering All Over Mumbai.


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