The economic times, Cold-pressed juice and A second chance at Life..

Snippets from The Economic Times article ~ Can cold-pressed juice startups like RAW Pressery give established beverage brands a run for their money? 



Cold-pressed juice, apart from not containing any preservative, added sugar or water, is made by using high-pressure processing technology to extract the juice from raw fruit and vegetables. The method, which doesn't use any heat, helps in retaining nutrients and living enzymes, which otherwise get destroyed on applying heat or due to movement of the electric blender. 

..... For Anuj Rakyan, a freak football injury in early 2013 turned out to be the genesis of a business idea. 

Doctors asked the former investment banker at Morgan Stanley to increase the intake of leafy vegetables, fruit and protein so that his calf muscles could heal quickly. The best way to do that, thought Rakyan, a vegetarian, would be to blend vegetables and fruit in a Norwalk press, a hydraulic juice presser. Reason: nutrition from fresh fruit and vegetables can be absorbed directly .. 


.... What made Vishal Jain take plunge in this sector was an overseas trip in early 2014 where he picked up cold-pressed juice from the local supermarket. After a few weeks, his cravings for junk food came down, energy levels increased and he found himself much fitter. 


.... There's a reason for Rastogi's optimism: the fate of packaged juice brands. Till a few years back, people never used to buy packaged juices. "But they started doing it, thinking they're healthy," she says. 

The moment they realise that the so-called healthy option which they are buying is a myth, cold-pressed juice makers will benefit, contends Rastogi, adding that she has managed to scale her venture from selling a paltry seven bottles per day to 250 bottles now. Educating the .. 


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