The Bridal Cleanse - Part #1.

So you think you have what it takes to be a bride? But its a whole different ball game, and at the very core of the 'Bridal' fiasco is, ~The Bridal Cleanse. Yes! Great make up starts with, healthy glowing skin. It's a fact. It says so right here.

It's true, weddings are stressful. And a bride needs to not only look her very best, but completely stand out from the crowd. She needs her glowing skin, I thought I would list down a few steps that will definitely get you glowing and help you maintain your glow right through your big day and after. 


First step, ridding your body of all the toxic, unwanted waste.  


A, 3 day Juicifix cleanse specifically designed to detoxify and clean your system completely. But, in-order to do so you have to prepare your self for a mental and physical breakdown. Just think of it as renovation.


Preparation or Pre-Cleanse:


Please begin by, a CHECK IN with your healthcare practitioner before starting a juice fast, especially if you are on medication, have a serious illness or pregnant.


Let your friends and family know of your planned juice fast, ask for their support during this time. They may think you are crazy, but you're in a great position to set an example and be a walking advertisement for all the benefits of doing a juice fast! It might even inspire them to go and do one themselves!


Scale back your social engagements, it's tempting to be out and surrounded by food and possibly alcohol.


Have some guided meditation CDs on hand.


Stock up on herbal teas.  


A great drink to have during the day is lemon in hot water with some ginger. 

The Cleanse


If you are making your own juices, please note: Do not store juices in the fridge to drink later, unless you own a Cold Press Masticating Juicer.


Juicifix Juice #1: The Go Green. Power packed with the required greens to help you get out of bed already.



Juicifix Juice #2: The Guava Punch. High on Vitamin C, just perfect for that mid morning boost.  



Juicifix Juice #3: The 24Carrot. Great in Beta Carotene, just whats required to prevent your skin from aging.


Juicifix Juice #4: The Very Veggie. Loaded with minerals needed to create 'The perfect stress buster'.




Juicifix Juice #5: The Lettuce Love++. The skin protector, This Juice! With love from Lettuce and Chia... chia seeds of-course. 




Juicifix Juice #6: The Go Green Supreme. For all the right reasons. The beginner & finisher. The Alfa & Omega.


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Now, This cleanse comes with an optional but highly recommended Fix. The Juicifix 'NutFix', let the 'beauty' of almonds flow.


By doing a juice fast, you are telling your body you are ready to heal and detoxify. It starts cleaning house, but if you have a lot of toxins, your body will be working overdrive to dump those toxins, making you feel sick. Your bowels may decide to have you spend most of the time on the toilet or the complete opposite!  


Tiredness, moodiness, anger, weakness, light headedness, insomnia, irritability are among the common symptoms. If you have a recurrent health issue (ie. eczema, acne, sinus issues), be warned that may get worse before it gets better. 

It's important to be patient and breathe through these periods, call a friend or chat with someone who is going through the same thing. 


Just take deep breaths and know that these moments shall pass. By the end of the three days, you'll will be feeling incredible. 


CHECK IN with your body on a daily basis during the fast. If you're feeling tired that day, take it easy and try to schedule some nap time if possible. If you're bouncing out of bed, then feel free to do your usual routine, including exercise.


You may find (as I do), things just stop working all together! And during a detox its crucial things keep moving.


Here are a couple of things to get done during a cleanse that will help the process.


1. Massage 


This is a wonderful way to move toxins out of the body. Not only does it feels great, it will help you sleep better, too.


2. Exercise 


As mentioned before, do this at a pace that suits your body's energy levels during the juice fast. Gentle walks or yoga are great for the low energy days.


3. Sun 


Direct sunlight on our bodies gives us energy, and that really important vitamin, vitamin D, which boosts our immune system and helps prevent cancer. Sunlight also triggers our body to produce 200 anti-microbials that kill off bad bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. 


Post Cleanse: 

Breakfast: On your first day off the juice fast, I recommend a fruit bowl (and only fruit) for breakfast. If you prefer not to have the fruit, a simple, light salad with a lemon juice, dressing would be a lovely way to break the fast. 


Lunch: Continue with a salad for lunch, you may want to include some sprouts and fermented foods (cultured vegetables) here. These types of foods are pre-digested, which makes them easy to digest and the cultured vegetables are teeming with good bacteria.


Dinner: Lightly steamed vegetables tossed with lemon juice and sea salt would be a nice option for dinner. Or maybe a tomato soup or a raw vegetable soup with garlic and some cayenne pepper. Continue eating light foods such as these for two days.


A 30 day Juicifix subscription of daily juices post the reboot will maintain your post cleanse benefits. 


This is end of part #1, but the beginning of your Bridal Cleanse. Kindly refer to part #2 & part #3 of our blog on the bridal cleanse, to know more about foods to consume and homemade scrubs to use.
















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