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Breakfast : The Most Healthiest Meal Of The Day.

    Hi guys, If you haven't already been introduced to me, my name is Avrio and I am Co-Founder of Juicifix. Most of our blogs have been researched & written by me or my wife Tejomay Rastogi the other co-founder of Juicifix. Juicifix is our passion, through Juicifix we want to make a change, a healthy change. Today, I blog about breakfast, the most important meal of the day, (this I speak from personal experience). If you don't already know I am a Goan, married to a 'pure vegetarian' Gujrati. So needless to say, I now eat meats only once in 15 Days.. Hopefully! Sometimes even once a month. Ill dwell more on this in another blog.  Back in Goa our staple...

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