Steps that helped me quit smoking.


Step1: You need a strong enough reason to quit smoking.

And for that, you need to go back to the reason you began smoking in the first place.

The reason could be any. But it was strong enough to penetrate you during your most vulnerable time.

When we go back to that reason now, at a time we are far more stronger and less vulnerable. We realise the reason we began smoking is redundant or obsolete.

We can now begin our journey towards a smoke free life.


Step2: Now right here, at this very instant you pause. You take time out to analyse yourself. You realise your body is worth far more than a chewed stump of fag. So let that be your reason right there. The faster you realise that there isn’t any bigger reason than self love, the faster you ought to quit.

However, If you are in a more miserable state right now, then you will only be swimming against the tide. Always remember like attracts like and if you are in a miserable state you are only going to get worse. Look into your past and remember of all the tough times you’ve faced and were strong enough to get through and know that this too shall pass. And when it does, begin Step2.


Step3: Stay away from Alcohol or any other intoxicant for this bit of your life. You have now taken a huge step, reward yourself by enrolling into a dance class, take up parkour or MMA, join a basketball club perhaps or maybe even a running club. I always say, you need to fill up the void, giving up one bad habit has to be replaced by taking up one good habit.


Step4: Develop purpose. Don’t just live aimlessly, You are here to make a difference. So don’t stop yourself from doing anything good. If it means helping a stranger, feeding a stray, freeing a caged animal or even providing an underprivileged child an education, let your living be meaningful.


Step5: At this point in your life, you are probably setting an example to most of your friends and colleagues too, this gives you so much more reason to carry on what you are doing and push yourself to do more. Remember like attracts like and just like that the miserable times in your life seem to be far less than before.

You just get stronger. Your body shows you what it means to actually respect it, you feel good and it shows in your confidence. And people notice this, they want to be like you.


Step6: Its not over yet. But you know you are in control now. And that is what matters. Always stay in control of your life.


I wish you your best.



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