Planting Trees, One Juicifix Cleanse at a time.


Planting a tree is such a full-filling job, It satisfies you whole, mentally, physically, spiritually. 



In the Month of July 2016, Juicifix completed 2 whole years of healthy living. We decided it was only apt to be healthy from outside when we are healthy from within, so when we sat down to pen our thoughts down, A young colleague of mine decided why don't we give all our clients who decide to cleanse this month a chance to, 'Plant A Tree'. We decided to run the Juicifix 'Green & Clean' campaign. A drive that allowed every client an option to cleanse and plant a tree or cleanse at a discount of 10%. 


Boom! Juicifix teamed up with NGO 'Green Yatra' and planted 35 trees just a couple of days back.






We thank each and every client that was with us on this ride, you guys can reach within and know that you have done a great job, cleansing the environment is sure as hell, an extremely full-filling job.


Having said this, let me assure you it is not so simple to plant a tree, actually it is close to impossible to plant a tree in Mumbai, we thought we would take this upon ourselves and get a couple of samplings, plant these at, 'Sanjay Gandhi National Park', but there is absolutely no land area in Mumbai that is freely available to conduct such kind of activity. On behalf of our clients and Juicifix, I would like to extend big hearty thank-you to Green Yatra for their support and helping us plant the trees.  



Juicifix home-delivers fresh, natural juice to the patrons of Mumbai.

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