Our Juicifix Journey

As the year comes to an end we write this ode, to remember a few hearts we touched both young and old. 

Amongst these gentle hearts stories be told, between juices and joys.. thus our journey unfolds. 



We wake up today knowing that we are going to do a good deed, it's a great feeling to wake up to. At Juicifix we feel are the happiest and that's what keeps us going, Happiness. Happiness in knowing that someone, somewhere is healthier because we have made her a juice she can bank on, happiness in knowing that the juice we make gives him hope, hope that this world can be a better place, a place of giving. Happiness in understanding that the health quotient in our juice will never be compromised on. 


So here's to a good year and many more to come, new hearts to touch, skin to cleanse, minds to heal, fat to burn, and fit... to just fit in. 

Here's to Heath and heart beats, quicker feet and clearer thoughts, diabetics and cancer patients, cholesterol and obesity, that healthy does not have to be boring or draining. That we can make a change, start small and be the change you want to see. 


We in Juicifix believe in a change, a healthier tomorrow. We won't force it on you, we just know you will want in on the change someday. We will wait for that day, patiently and fuel ourselves with happiness, the same happiness in waking up everyday knowing that.. we are

going to do a good deed! 


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