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Phytochemicals are compounds found in fruits and vegetables that gives rise to vibrant colours in them, these have powerful antioxidant properties and play an important role in cancer prevention and treatment.

Today at juicifix we've got Beet That, Peach Blush, Go Green and 24 Carrot. Beet root is great for hemoglobin and cancer prevention and has many other good qualities. It can't be called a 'super food' just like that!

Peach blush is a combination of Peach, Orange and Pineapple. This one's a seasonal favourite.

And go green is a great mix of spinach, parsley, celery, apple, ginger, lime and mint. Try it we say! Spinach has never tasted so good!.

24 Carrot as the name suggests is the purest form of vitamins C and A, Carrot's bright orange color comes from beta-carotene - good for vision, immunity and overall health.

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