Juicifix at The Lil Flea.

We were at The Lil Flea this 4th & 5th of hot sunny October, a perfect weather for Juicifix, one might add. Fridge: check, ice box: check. 4 of our delicious cold-pressed flavours packed in our new juicy jars: check! 




We at Juicifix wanted to provide healthy and cold-pressed juices to most people in smaller

disposable glass bottles, convenient and affordable. An idea that brought to existence Juicifix's very own - Juicy Jar, 150ml priced at Rs.100/-. 


Armed with our trusty old table fan, we set out towards Reclamation Grounds, Bandra to stock up at The Lil Flea. In less than an hour of commencement, we sold a good number of our thirst quenching flavours. The scorching heat was working it's wonders. But was that what we were looking for? Or were we only interested in selling juices? Not really. We wanted eyes to roll, heads to turn, smiles to form and most importantly, new relationships to be made.


By 1:30 p.m., sales slowed down, the mighty sun that was supposed to work in our favour slowly began to work against us.


By 3 p.m. however, we were getting somewhere. We did get many inquisitive visitors and queries but we were still a couple of juicy jars shy of 50.


At 5 in the evening, sales picked up and so did our spirits. Our cold pressed flavours began to raise eyebrows, was it the right portion of mint in our ‘Melon Magic’ or the hint of nutmeg in our ‘Pineapple Express’ or better yet the ginger that made spinach taste so good in our very own, low calorie, 'Go Green'!! Whatever it was, it was working for us. 


 The response was awesome. Teenagers came by looking for “the cool jars”, that they had seen people sipping from. We were on a roll, despite the electricity failure in our section, we were down to the last few jars. Attracting customers to our candle lit Juicifix stall with jingles on cold pressed juices and our version of the Hawaiian welcome dance.


We were having fun and the icing on the cake; a big party order to go out the following day. 


The second day at The Lil Flea was a breeze as we had customers coming back, trying out our new flavours. The whole experience was a smashing success right from getting new subscriptions to delivery requests all over Mumbai. We had children and parents and their parents show up at our stall and walk away with smiles.


To think that we could coldpress a healthy blend of fruit and vegetable and literally

create magical flavours, that tasted great without any artificial sweetener was beyond their understanding. For instance clients who were not too fond of papaya couldn't believe what they missed out on with every sip of our 'Minty Quench'.


We were sold out way before The Lil Flea could shut, much before we had expected and we were happy. At the end of the day, alls well that ends well we say. 




Cold pressed juices, now delivering All Over Mumbai..

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