It's our birthday month & celebrations are in order.

Here's how we go about birthday celebrations over at Juicifix. 


We run contests, give away freebies, run discounts, introduce newbies & completely enjoy ourselvelves with not a worry in the world. 


We wake up everyday with a special kind of positivity, the energy that drives us lies within you, your spirit, your healthier choice. Today we celebrate a year at Juicifix and clearly that spirit, you drive our positivity with, has not run dry. 


We look forward to a healthier year ahead, but not before rewarding all of you with love and well, cold-pressed juices.



Now 275ml :

With the onset of a new year, we have decided to raise the bar. Juicifix is now 275ml, the same yummy juice, same price, more Quantity.


Freebies :

It's our birthday and we want to make it a month long celebration, tag a friend on this image  

if he or she has a birthday this month and resides in Mumbai (ofcourse), we will deliver them a cold-pressed juice, with a birthday note from you.



Restaurant : We are now available at : 


Kaboom - Ballard estate



Desi Deli - Reclamation, Bandra.



Discounts : Click a snap with your favourite Juicifix and enjoy 10% off on your next purchase or a complimentary Juicifix on your current subscription. 



Contests : Juicifix Meme - make up a funky meme and link it to a Juicifix flavour to win yourself a Juicifix 5/15/30/90 day subscription.                                         


Newbies : We are now available at your convenience, 6 juicifix flavours in our very own Juicy jars(200ml) available at 99₹ a pop, delivered to your door step within the city, Mumbai.  





 E-Platforms : Tiny Owl is our newest collaboration, we want to make healthy as yummy and as convenient as it can get. 



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