Health Insurance - The real meaning.

Hello Folks, 

Yes this is our anniversary month, we complete 4 whole years and we are seriously over the top ecstatic. It is no joke running a health startup in a country that is yet to believe that healthy food is priced slightly higher than fast food. We stood the test of time and are thank full every step of the way to all of you that believe.
Today's post is about Health insurance, the real meaning and how is it perceived. 
Let's begin with a definition, What is Health Insurance?
~ Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that covers the cost of an insured individual's medical and surgical expenses.
This is a typical answer you ought to receive when you run a google search on the topic. 
However, we at Juicifix define health insurance differently. 
~ Health insurance is the precaution one invests in, in-order to prevent any kind of health issue from occurring.  
Don't get us wrong, we completely agree that investing in a health insurance policy and a good one is a requisite in today's day and age with rising medical costs. 
However, we strongly believe that if you watch what you eat or rather (if I could better put it) if you invest in healthier food and healthy activities, then that is a much better way at understanding Health insurance, don't you think? 
I had donated blood the other day at Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Juhu for a friend's cousin who is battling Leukaemia, I was told by the Doctor that the number of people with cancer has drastically shot up and many of them children too. When I asked the Doctor, 'what can we attribute this rise to?' his reply simply was, 'Lifestyle. What we eat.' 
Health Insurance only covers you financially, you still have to undergo the treatment, which in most cases is unpleasant. Let's face it no body wants to be sick, we hate the doctors clinic and we dread surgical needles. 

Healthy living on the other hand will keep you from getting sick, mindful eating is a great way to keep the doctor away. 
Mindful eating is a technique that helps you choose wholesome meals. To understand the difference between foods that are priced lower, but will surely cause harm to you and meals that will instead prove beneficial to you.  

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