Grow your own veggies in pots.


Use the right pots : 

Select pots at least a foot in diameter for growing herbs. For larger crops, use pots at least 16 inches wide and deep, and preferably larger, so roots have room to spread. Shop at yard sales to get a large collection of pots for little money. Use fresh potting soil every year.

Grow vertically :

To keep tomatoes from sprawling, train them to grow on bamboo spiral stakes. Strawberries dangle from a wire basket that hangs on the fence. 


Choose easy crops :

Cherry tomatoes are among the easiest tomatoes to grow and are prolific producers. Herbs such as basil, rosemary, and thyme are other foolproof crops.


Harvest regularly :

Instead of admiring your crops laden with fruit, pick regularly to promote new growth. Snip herbs and dry for later use by bunching them with rubber bands, then hanging indoors.


Problem-solver :

To maximize sun exposure, especially for veggies grown indoors, raise your containers on tables and move them around as needed.


Video: How to grow veggies in pots.

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