Festivals diets.

Festivals are a big part of Indian culture. Right from month of August till December, every second day is like a festival. Sweets and fried food are imperative during these days, while you enjoy the festivities we also give you a few tips to enjoy the food and still maintain healthy eating:

Low fat / low sugar ingredients: In most of the houses, people prepare high sugar and high fatty foods. In sweets – consume less sweets or low sugar sweets. At home, you can cook with sugar free ingredients. Use less oil while cooking or do not eat oily food every day. Eat sweets, when you have cravings for sweet and not when somebody is pushing you for it.

Drink a lot of water: Keep drinking a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated, especially if you are fasting during festivals.

If you like to snack a lot, ensure that you drink 1-2 glasses of water before snacking. Water fills the stomach nicely and ensures that you do not overeat the snack.
Record your calorie intake: You can select food per the calories. Have high fiber, wholesome food. Your festival food shopping should be based on this. So, if you like to eat namkeens, you can go for diet bhels. Select baked things over the oily fried things.
Avoid aerated drinks, Diet Coke doesn't help.

Encourage the habit of original juices or nimboo pani (lemon water), coconut water, cold pressed juices etc.

Use smaller servings. Don’t keep the “Its ok” it's the most dangerous attitude one can have.
Don’t forget to exercise/walk: You get too busy during festivals that you do not get enough time for yourself, your exercise etc. Use time efficiently, for eg: dance is also a good way of exercise. Dancing and losing weight are always related.

So go ahead, enjoy your festivals and take care!

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