Eat like you love yourself.

Which of the following sounds like you’re eating in a way that says you love and respect yourself? 

1). Dining in your car spilling food down your shirt as you slam to a halt at a red light.

2). Standing up in the kitchen eating most of your meal raw as you cook.

3). Entering the kitchen starving and downing a bag of chips before you decide what to cook.

4). Scarfing down cold leftovers with your hands out of a container with the fridge door open.

5). Not eating all day to "save yourself" for dinner.

6). Waiting as long as you can to eat until you feel like you’re going to faint and then eating whatever you can find.

7). None of the above.

The correct answer is obviously 7).

The above are examples of things I’ve personally done, ironically when I was hyper-focused on following a particular diet or clean-eating strategy dogmatically.


With the rise of the health movement, eating strategies, diets, and ideas about food and how to eat are becoming as polarizing as religion and politics.

Eating like you actually love and respect yourself isn’t up for interpretation, though—it’s something vegans and Paleo dieters alike can agree upon. It’s the same for everyone regardless of beliefs, size, shape, weight, or lifestyle.


Date Yourself!


If you were eating with someone you loved, you'd be sure to take them out every once in a while or you’d cook for them something new and exciting. You might even re-create some of their childhood favorites, giving them the nostalgic comfort that only a select few foods can do for each person. 

So why not do those things for yourself? Allow yourself to try new, exciting foods, re-create versions of your childhood favorites, and even take yourself out for a solo restaurant meal.

I used to think going out to eat or cooking something special was only something I could do if I was with another person, but it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to eat well; it can just be a Tuesday.

Eating like you love yourself involves doing random acts of kindness for yourself around food just as you would with another person you love.


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