Daily nutrition for your dependants.


A few days back I was searching the world wide web to know if there were any healthy options for dependants of NRI’s back home and I came about an article published by Vrushali Junnarkar, in the Times on Aug 9, 2014. The article completely voiced my thoughts, the exact same reason I am looking to reach out to NRI’s the world over. But before I can go ahead, I would like to include a few paras from Vrushali’s article. 


“Hundreds of us Indians emigrate every year: for higher education, lucrative jobs, better lifestyle and to join our spouses abroad. As we inch closer to our goals, dreams become a reality propelling us into the orbit of success. In this process we leave behind all that we wished to escape in India, but at the same time knowingly or unknowingly, we leave behind our biggest treasure - our parents. 


Here is a look behind the scenes at the lives of parents of non-resident Indians. Once the children have flown the nest, after the initial euphoria has settled, realization dawns that one's children are miles away. The anxiety of being away from one's children in times of illness and emergencies sets in. Moreover, worry for the safety and wellness of their children takes over their minds. Regular phone calls are reassuring but knowing that one cannot aid or be aided, long distance, by near and dear ones in times of need, plays on the mind, time and again. Simple chores and mundane errands like going to the bank, standing in queue for a gas cylinder or paying a bill become a challenge. Going to the doctor or dentist becomes an ordeal. Then there is the social loneliness. No one to celebrate festivals with, no one to cook special meals for, Mother's Day and Father's day all celebrated long distance, via Skype and flowers dispatched by online couriers. The need to socialize has given way to NRI clubs in big cities where parents of NRIs come together forming kitty groups and find a pretext to meet up, alleviate some of the loneliness and share experiences.“


My thoughts exactly. Then there’s the lifestyle diseases this city brings with it, diabetes being the most common. How are we to ensure the health of our dependants when we are so far away? I find it difficult to monitor my mom’s health and she is just a state away. How do we know what they consume on a regular basis and if they even exercise at all. I decided to pen down a few ideas that came my way.


Request a pic of every meal:

We have whatsApp and other chat apps, here’s what I recently started with my mom who is a diabetic. I have asked her to WhatsApp me a pic of every meal she eats and at the time she is to consume it, time being a very essential part of this exercise. I then have a 1 minute exchange of words over the meal. Simple but effective so far.


Book your folks a healthy meal subscription plan: 

Being in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, we do not have to worry about delivery, every thing is at the click of a finger, or at least getting there. A healthy meal subscription from A Calorie Care or a Happy Grub would take care of meal issues to a certain extent.


And if nothing else there is always that 'Cold-pressed juice fad' everybody is talking about..


Register For a Cold-pressed Juicifix fresh juice Plan:

I know what you are thinking here. But the truth is, Juice is the quickest way to intake nutrition and cold-pressed juices give you a high dose. There are not many companies out there that actually do healthy beverages and a regular delivery to your doorstep. Why Juicifix over any other cold-pressed juice company? Because, Juicifix caters to your dependants needs, taking into account allergies, ailments, lifestyle diseases and plan your subscription accordingly. 

Now at least the above few points help take care the health quotient of our dependants if nothing else. 

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