Convenience is Currency.

Everything is made to order by our staff using only the freshest
ingredients. Our juices are tasty, dense, nutrient-rich, and all
natural. We use local, in-season produce. We don't use frozen or
processed ingredients, we never use preservatives, and we do not add sugar to our juices.

Because our produce is fresh, it’s bursting with flavour. We don’t need
to mask the taste additives. In fact, we want the natural flavours of
real food to come through. Look at our ingredients list, and you will
recognise every one of them. We encourage you to take a few sips and
see how fruits and veggies were really meant to taste. Let your
system understand the natural flavours.

All of the above that you read is 100% true! In that case, why would
you go out, source fruits and veggies, then wash your produce, peel
and cut them, then juice then clean your juicers?
Ever heard the phrase “time is money?”

More and more, customers want to buy back their time with more
convenience through delivery services. The tradeoff for a delivery fee
is that the time it would have taken to go out, cook, or wait at a

Millennial in particular are quite keen on convenience and time as
currency. According to the NRA, 74% of millennials report a preference
for delivery service. Getting their time back translates into cash for
your restaurant, which is currency in its purest form!

Swiggy, Uber Eats, Zomato all online application platforms that deliver food and beverages to you anytime and some also within a speculated time interval. You can now call for your favourite Juicifix by downloading and loving on to these online platforms, available in Andheri currently, but soon to be available in most parts of Mumbai too.

“One of the easiest decisions I've made with Juicifix, I don’t have to
think about what I’m going to eat for lunch each day and feel good
knowing that I’m having a healthy meal in a bottle of juice. And I
just love the convenience! Jucifix is at my doorstep everyday bet 7-8
am”. – Sapna Datta

The convenience of a well prepared, healthy, flavourful jucie with no
shopping, preparing, or clean up is simply amazing. Looking forward to
the rest of the week. And the surprise element of not know what you
will get every morning adds to the fun of drinking healthy.
– Rishabh Kothari





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