Bloating an on-going problem?

If you’re feeling bloated, try these simple steps to ease it naturally:

Sip Hot Water with Ginger:
Some studies show that ginger contains digestive-aid phytonutrients that may help to reduce bloating and gas. Ginger is also wonderful for helping to reduce nausea. Each day of your Reboot, start with hot water with ginger and lemon, but feel free to sip on it throughout the day.

Take a Walk:
Physical activity can help ease digestive upset and is a great way to boost your fitness level, immune system, mood and weight loss potential.

Lay on Your Left Side:
This is one of my favorite tips for alleviating gas and bloating. It’s one of those, not really “evidence-based” things but the theory is that laying on your left side will allow gravity to help your intestinal tract move air out. Many people find that it works!

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